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Fill-in-the-Blanks Financial Modeling

Build a roadmap for growth in just 5 weeks without having to hire an expensive CFO or trying to learn it all on your own!

PLUS, gain access to an entire year's worth of live CFO office hours. That's 52 weeks of expert access, a value of $13K, completely complimentary.

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We have worked with numerous accelerators and organizations including:

Techstars, Cartier Women's Initiative, Unreasonable Group, Next Wave Fund, Singularity University, Nike Sponsored Girl Effect Accelerator, Uncharted, and YPO A+ Accelerator to name a few.


If you’re an entrepreneur looking to raise money, grow your business, or create a roadmap for running your company, you already know you need a well thought-out, numbers-based plan. Maybe you've outgrown the basic Excel phase and want to think through all of your potential expenses.

This course not only gives you a financial model that has helped entrepreneurs raise many millions of dollars, but it also provides a roadmap you can follow to run and grow your business.

Rather than flying by the seat of your pants, or paying $5,000+ to a CFO, we have built a step-by-step plan that ensures you can manage your company's finances like a pro.

What's Included?

Live Video Conferences
Weekly, 1-hour live video conferences for a year (that's 52 hours!) with a CFO for Q&A and problem-solving

Scenario Running
Ability to run a variety of scenarios to see what happens, e.g. "When I change the terms to my vendors or customers how does this impact my cash?" or "If I decide to change my month to month subscriptions to annually prepaid subscriptions how does this impact my revenue and cash?"

Step-by-Step Instruction
Step-by-step video instruction from a CFO guiding you through each and every section of the model

A Financial Model Template
A 3-statement financial model template built on more than 10,000 hours of modeling

Private Facebook Access
Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions of both your peers and a Simple Startup CFO

Instruction Documents
Instruction documents so you feel completely confident in what you're doing long after you've completed the course

Start building your roadmap to financial success!

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What our clients have to say

"Simple Startup has helped us plan Verve’s future. Not just pre-opening but for the first 2 years of operations. We now know when to open stores, how much this will cost and how this affects our cash flow, our earnings and hence the value of the company. We also know who to hire, when we can hire and how much we can afford to pay."


"I can now clearly see which areas of my business are most profitable enabling me to focus on growing those areas. This has given me both confidence and peace of mind. Confidence that I can go out and fundraise successfully, and peace of mind that I'm now aware of exactly where money flows in my business meaning I can answer pretty much any question thrown at me."


“The value of this course is huge - I know so many entrepreneurs who need this! I feel like I can totally rock the model I walked away with because I actually understand what it’s showing me. Now that I have a clear roadmap, I can have successful meetings with investors - I understand what they’re looking for and can speak to it with much more confidence than before the Fill-in-the-Blanks course.”


What Can You Expect from this Course?

The Fill-in-the-Blanks Financial Modeling course consists of 5 modules. Each module encompasses 3-6 topical lessons, instructions, and handouts.

Module 1 / Week 1:
Building the Background Knowledge

Module 2 / Week 2:
Determining Revenue

Module 3 / Week 3:
Understanding COGS and Operating Expenses

Module 4 / Week 4:
Populating and Forecasting the Balance Sheet

Module 5 / Week 5:
Interpreting and Owning the Outputs

After completing this 5-week course you will have a fully built, 5 year, 3-statement Product/CPG or SaaS/Services specific financial model, with full ability to be adjusted by you down the line.

Duration of the Course

The 5 course modules are drip-fed each week to provide ample time to absorb the content of each module. Each module includes 3-6 lessons and the lessons range from about 8 to 25 minutes in duration. We, therefore, recommend setting aside 3-5 hours per week per module, which will cover reviewing the course videos, handouts, and background research, as well as the live CFO sessions, to accelerate yourself and your business through the course.

AND, no matter when you complete all 5 modules, you will still have access to 52 weeks of live CFO time to answer questions and deepen your financial understanding of your business.


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