Budgeting Basics: The Cash Model




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Do you wish you knew what the next move was to accelerate your business?

Well good news, we can help you work that out. And the move after that AND the move after that. This course helps entrepreneurs plan out the future and create a numbers-based roadmap for your business so you know exactly where you're headed.

In this course, you’ll receive your very own Excel Cash Model template, super-simple instructions on how to use it, plus step-by-step video guidance on how to fill it out, what each piece is telling you, and why it is important.


You’ll walk away with a completed cash model (i.e. your roadmap) that’s built and approved by experts yet continually adjustable by you, so that you can iterate and adjust as your company grows.


Our Course is Designed For Business Owners and Nonprofit Leaders Who:

  • Need a proven tool to determine the right path forward for their business
  • Want to manage their cash with expert efficiency
  • Want to build the foundation for ongoing cash management best practices
  • Know a cash model will help them make exacting business plans for the future but don't know how or where to start


Sound Business Plans Start with a Great Budget

Forecast the Future

A GREAT business budget lets you input your financial and operational goals and - voila - out pops an action plan you can refer to time and again. This cash model is basically a crystal ball!

Build a Business Roadmap

A budget gives you a roadmap based on your goals and actual numbers so you can you allocate resources, evaluate performances, and answer questions like, "What can my business tackle next?"

Make Decisions with Confidence

Know where your business stands with cash coming in and going out so you can be confident in making critical spending decisions, making you THE data driven leader everyone will be looking up to!

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

"I would describe the Cash Model Course as finance education for non-finance people at its finest. Lorne took something as complex as startup financial modeling and made it simple to understand. I was honestly surprised at how easy it was to absorb the information and feel more confident in my financial model moving forward."



Benefits and Takeaways

  • Your very own easy to use Excel Cash Model Template
  • Expert instructions on how to use your business budget template
  • Step-by-step video guidance on how to fill the template out and why it matters
  • Simple run down on business budget basics from a CFO and serial entrepreneur
  • Walk away with a completed cash model that’s expert built and ready to use

Why Simple Startup?

  • We've built hundreds of financial models and business budgets which have helped companies startup, raise money, and grow their businesses.
  • We have worked with numerous accelerators and organizations including Techstars, Cartier Women's Initiative, Unreasonable Group, Next Wave Fund, Uncharted, and the Nike Sponsored Girl Effect Accelerator to name a few.
  • This experience, alongside our quest for simplicity and accessibility, has enabled us to create a high quality Cash Model Template that will help almost any company take control of their business budget.
  • So if you’re ready to set your company up for MAJOR success, we'd love you to join us in the Budgeting Basics Cash Model Course.

Ready to Build Your Roadmap?

You're only ONE click away from building a sound and budget-based business plan to help you make critical decisions with confidence!



Excel Cash Model Template

Expert How to Use Instructions

Step-by-Step Video Guidance


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